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BJMGM Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. jointly organized with BJHUALI 2015 New Year party

Published:2015/1/2 9:50:33   Source:   Views:20061



Today, the rising star and gorgeous staff gathered together wrote and performed a wonderful program, to meet the arrival of the New Year.


Performances wonderful program turns on stage, small chorus "spray run," Pieces "and sea you do not know love," Dialogue, "Cock wire youth", two-man "Families with Sambo" solo "Long time no see," "I really love you "dance" dance together tonight, "" poor happy "" Dancing world "program, and so won the audience applause, especially the passionate atmosphere with a lucky draw which takes to the climax. Everyone in the sweepstakes, enjoying the music and dancing pleasure, after the show also set up prizes of fun activities. Step on the balloon, grab a stool and other activities so that everyone having all the fun.


The New Year is the fourth year of activity. We communicate feelings in such a way to celebrate the New Year.




Double reed "Families with Sambo"



FAHAI you do not know love."



  Dance "Dancing World"



Small chorus "run"



Game, "men and women a five, fifty cents."



Dialogue, "Cock wire youth"



Dance "poor happy Yakitori"



Saxophone accompaniment "Qinghai-Tibet Girl"



Ten staff award, chairman speech



Ten staff photo



Actor group photo



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