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Beijing gorgeous strip :
Also known as composite tape, heat tape . The product is black, is a proprietary formulation of high-performance polymer composition through a special process is used to produce hollow glass new material , which combines sealants, desiccant , wave-shaped aluminum gutter as a whole, so look hollow glass production process , so that several manufacturers to replace the traditional process of a product , so that the insulating glass production process becomes very simple , all you need is two pieces of glass in Beijing gorgeous strip and simple so you can easy to produce any volume, any size and shape of hollow glass.


I. Beijing gorgeous sealant strips on the inside of the glass produced adsorption, transfer of moisture to produce a strong resistance in the hollow glass manufacturing process, the desiccant has a protective effect , effectively extending the life of hollow glass.

II. Jing gorgeous wavy strips inside the aluminum gutter can withstand a certain pressure to ensure uniformity of the pressing of the hollow glass.

III. Jing gorgeous strip inside the desiccant content has been optimized control, reduce waste , making it a life span of 30 years.

IIII. Jing gorgeous strip edge thermal barrier system efficiency more than four times the aluminum strip.

V. Beijing gorgeous strip can be bent , can process a variety of shapes shaped hollow glass, insulating glass made with this tape does not need Chajiao ( in the production process of traditional insulating glass in Chajiao is the weakest link )